Welcome to the United Kingdom's Flag Book

This website is a continuation of a Royal Navy publication that dates back to the 19th Century, "Flags of All Nations". Originally this was a paper publication, then in 2001 it became a CD-ROM and now it is a website (with a CD-ROM available for offline use). It acts as a reference work for identifying flags and as a means of locating the appropriate NSN for ordering flags for use by the Armed Forces.

To use the work first click on one of the three tabs located under the work's title: Home, Search or Browse.

  • The Home section contains information about this publication and general flag information, including "BR20 Part B" which details the MOD's specifications for flag manufacture.
  • The Search section is where you can identify a flag, or lookup an existing NSN to see what it refers to.
  • The Browse section allows you to look at all the flags in this publication, using a variety of indicies, including by country, or flag types.


Most of the content of this publication is unclassified and can be freely accessed by anyone who wishes to consult it. Certain information, such as military stock information (eg. NSNs), is restricted to military users who have the necessary login credentials.

If you are a military user and wish to access the restricted information please enter your username and password below.

Consult DIN xxxx for information on obtaining a username and password for this publication.