BR20 Flags of all Nations

2012 Edition

Designed to provide all the information you need in a user-friendly format, this website combines:

  • all British and Commonwealth Royal Standards;
  • all British military and non-military distinguishing flags;
  • the national flags, ensigns and merchant flags of other nations; and
  • international, NATO and British signals;

together with all the relevant NATO Stock Numbers and their details.

All flags (BR20 Part A) on this website can be selected by either the 'Search' or 'Browse' function. 'Search' allows you to look for a flag by its NATO Stock Number, name or visual characteristics, whilst the 'Browse' categories list all flags within a specific group, for example, Countries or Royal Standards.

This website also contains, in Part B, a manufacturing specification for flags supplied for the UK Ministry of Defence.

For more details on how to use this website please read the help page, which also provides contact details should you require technical support on this website or wish to send your comments.

In this new 2012 Edition, all the flags are now available as PDF images, accessible from the individual flag pages. It is these PDF images that are the master drawings for each British flag.